Free delivery in mainland France from 69.00€ purchase.

Free delivery in mainland France from 69.00€ purchase.

Our exclusive business boxes

Give meaning to your end-of-year gifts, choose responsible cosmetics and the nobility of organic argan oil Igräne Cosmetics

Youth Box: the secret to radiant skin

99€ HT

Immerse yourself in a journey of rejuvenation with the “Youth” set. Each product has been carefully selected to provide your skin with a renewing experience. Organic argan oil deeply nourishes, while the anti-aging cream with prickly pear, scented with honey, regenerates your epidermis. The anti-wrinkle serum, rich in hyaluronic acid and a blend of six precious oils, plumps and revitalizes. Finally, the jasmine night cream envelops your skin in soothing softness. Treat yourself to a moment of purity and find young, radiant skin.

Relaxing Box: Journey to the heart of relaxation

69€ HT

Succumb to the call of nature with our “Relaxant” box, specially designed to offer you a spa experience at home. Each product in this set is carefully crafted to transform your skincare routine into a true sensory journey. Organic argan oil 100ml is a Moroccan treasure, rich and nourishing, for soft and radiant skin. Gently exfoliate with the Honey Orange Sugar Body Scrub, a tasty combination that leaves skin revitalized. Finally, wrap yourself in softness with the Fig/Argan body lotion, a hydrating and nourishing formula that enhances the skin. Discover the perfect harmony between nature and well-being with this exclusive box.

Sweetness Box: Awakening the senses through nature

44€ HT

Immerse yourself in a world of softness with our exclusive “Douceur” box, a true ode to natural beauty. Each component of this set has been meticulously chosen to offer your skin an unparalleled experience. Organic Argan Oil 50ml is a quintessence of the Moroccan mountains, guaranteeing rich hydration for radiant skin. Our 100gr honey glycerin soap delicately purifies your skin while perfuming it with sweet sweet notes. The journey continues with our Honey Orange Sugar Body Scrub, an exotic escapade that gently exfoliates, leaving your skin velvet soft


Aroma Box: Immerse yourself in the world of refined scents

36€ HT

Discover the timeless charm of the “Arôme” box, an olfactory symphony specially designed to delight your senses. Each element of this box is an invitation to a unique sensory journey. Organic Argan Oil 50ml evokes the gentle breezes of the Moroccan mountains, intensely nourishing your skin. Let yourself be enchanted by the delicate scent of our glycerin soaps. The first, at Fleurs de gardenia, transports you to a flower garden at dusk. The second, with Ambre Musc, immerses you in a mystical oriental evening. And finally, the gentle honey glycerin soap reminds you of the warmth of a sunny day in a golden field.

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